Did you know?

So I guess after 23 years and over 5000 weddings (over 1000 by Chris alone) you could say we are well known in the wedding industry, we also capture hundreds of corporate portraits each year with amazing companies in industries as varied as banking, real estate, herbal medicine, law, engineering….

but did you know?

Chris’s other passion is motorsport. From racing to the simple beauty of car design.

Over the past 3 years Chris has combined his passion for photography with his love of cars and is now regarded as one of the top automotive photographers in the country.

His clients include: Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Audi, Peugeot, Volvo, Pirelli, Bridgestone to name a few.

A new section is about to be placed on the website, dedicated to this niche.

Here are a few images of his recent work.

88-101 Art of Living-105 Art of Living-169 Art of Living-179 Audi day 3 Owners-245 Audi Nov 4 afternoon PRO-226 Audi Nov 4 afternoon PRO-245 Bridgestone-195 Bridgestone-243 BTTF-101 Driver Training Taupo Nov 15-622 Fort Lane-101 Peugeot 308 GT and GTi by Peugeot Sport-118 PFT-516 PFT-555 PFT-664 Porsche 918 & GT4 Hampton - Dillon Photography-108 Porsche 918 & GT4 Hampton - Dillon Photography-170 Porsche Driver Training Taupo Nov 15-308 Porsche Drivers Day-166 Porsche Drivers Day-228 Porsche Workshop-121 Targa-131 Urban racer-105 Volvo 60 - low res 100dpi-139


Dillon photography – May 2015

Dillon Photography – The Month of May

Wedding photography, Corporate portraiture, Graduation Photos, Event photography, Sports photography and Automotive photography. Forget ‘better work stories’ by joining the police. My life as a professional photographer is so full of variety. There were some great challenges this month. It’s been an amazing month of photography in May. Here is a quick sample of the photography I have produced in May 2015.

Starting with BBYC learn to sail programme and finishing with their winter series Rum Race.

For more info: www.bbyc.org.nz This is an awesome programme for kids.

For the adults…. Rum race…. buy a boat or crew, join BBYC, win your race, drink rum. not too hard.

BBYC-157 BBYC-171 BBYC-172 BLBYC10426 BarSailing-170 BLBYC10426 BarSailing-157

Following this is was off to Hampton Downs for an Audi Driving Experience and the pre release of the beautiful Audi TT. Thanks to Downforce Auto Events & Audi New Zealand. If you don’t want to give this a go then try knitting…. if you do the links are below. This really does help you learn how to drive well and keep you safe. It also keeps blood pumping through your veins which is a good thing. 🙂

Downforce – www.downforce.co.nz

Audi Track days – www.audi.co.nz/drive

AUDI 2 HD-124 AUDI 2 HD-105

Audi Driver Experience.

Audi Driver Experience.

AUDI 2 HD-214 AUDI Day3-182 Audi Day1 200515-216

The following Saturday I photographed wedding #1001. Jane and Steve you are legends. Wedding photography is still a passion even after 1000 captured.

Hosking029 Hosking083 Hosking260 Hosking098

My favourite Event photography is quite honestly anything to do with my favourite non-human client Moe. His musical mystery with the APO was brilliant. I think more fun was had by the parents than the kids. I love you Moe.

The Moe Show – TV FOUR (four.co.nz) , Freeview & Igloo Ch4, SDKY Ch12

Facebook – The Moe Show

MoeAPO-231 MoeAPO-197 MoeAPO-151 MoeAPO-158 MoeAPO-117 MoeAPO-112

Corporate headshot time with 2 wonderful clients: Babbage and Glaister Ennor

My corporate portraiture gets me all around Auckland and NZ. It’s wonderful to meet such professional people doing so many amazing things.

Babbage MAY-106 Wayne-100

May is Graduation Portrait time. The first job was for my wonderful client The Open Polytechnic with 400 or so Grads in 5 hours. Phew!

The following day I had the pleasure of meeting Dorcas and her mum for a well deserved portrait shoot for both mother and daughter and the studio.

Zuze-102 OP-637

Back to Car Photography with Downforce Auto Events and another fav client Continental Car Services.

Taupo was never the same after 2 days of Porsche, Ferrari (and a Mclaren P1) destroying Taupo Motorsport park. I had a nice fang around in a Porsche GT3. Thank you to the German God of engineering…. no offence to the Italians.

This is probably the biggest collection of stupid awesome cars in NZ. Top Gear couldn’t manage this if they tried. Wonderful people, brilliant cars, fun, period.

PFT-636 PFT-566 IMG_9466 PFT-508

www.continentalcars.co.nz and www.downforce.co.nz

Finally it was time to spend some quality time with the family. What better way than a trip to Taupo and a day at Huka Lodge.

While we were there we grabbed some clothes from Seed, and took some shots of the kids having fun. They now feature on the Huka Lodge website.

HukaKids-106 HukaKids-107 HukaKids-114 HukaKids-124 HukaKids-110 HukaKids-109

It is such a beautiful place to stay. The service is 5star, the food is amazing. They really catered to the kids needs as well as ours. For a venue that is perceived to be adults only I can honestly say it was one of the nicest hotel/ lodges we have ever stayed with and very family friendly. We will be back.



So that was May 2015. Good luck beating those stories NZ Police.

As per usual…. If you want to get in contact I am only a phone call/ email away.

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